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Technical Help Desk

Every company needs a dynamic and flexible IT support system to organize all the areas of production. Our helpdesk solutions along with our advanced IT support system, are dedicated to improve your workflow while also reducing overhead costs. With Primis Technical Help Desk, you don’t have to deal with IT issues that may cost thousands, even millions of dollars in the long run.

As an experienced 24/7 tech assistance provider, we offer a large spectrum of tech support services. These agile, manageable, and seamless solutions can help you resolve your customer’s problems and heighten satisfaction and reliability. We have highly experienced professionals who will design a unique technical support service that addresses your specific requirements - remote-access, network, software, hardware and other IT inquiries.

Technical Help Desk Services
Operating System Support
  • Troubleshoot or correct any error message or codes via remote or phone assistance.
  • Configure or personalize end-user machines (desktop, portable).
  • Remote guidance to install/remove any software as per the business policy.
Application Software Support
  • Configuration or setup assistance for the email client such as lotus notes or outlook.
  • Setup or connectivity problems linked to the company's communication software.
  • Basic how-to and day-to-day usage assistance for spreadsheets, word processing, etc.
Connectivity Support
  • Support issues associated with the internet, intranet, extranet, and VPN.
  • Any concerns related to ID login, creation, or the rights.
  • Domain login and password reset questions.
Office Support
  • Connect, configure printers, scanners obtainable on a network.
  • Setup or troubleshoot any devices on the ports, such as storage or backup media.
  • Client-Server Support Services.
  • Assist with routers, mainframe, or server management.
  • Server administrations and policy formulation.
  • Inventory or LAN administration.
  • Organization of workgroups, domain or V-LAN.
  • The conception of IDs or rights.
  • Calendar backup and maintenance of servers.
  • Network Admin Support.
Virus and Spyware Monitoring
  • Troubleshoot virus/spyware related problems.
  • Remote Monitoring.
Remote Server Monitoring
  • Dedicated team of experts are aligned round-the-clock for monitoring of connectivity and server services, ensuring that your systems remain operational and perform optimally at all times.
  • Our experts understand the criticality of uptime, security, and reliability & are well-equipped to escalate or address any issue promptly and efficiently.