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Outsource your processes to us – except instead of having an army of people offshore processing your work – we have robots.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We help organizations boost their efficiency and productivity by implementing RPA in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and other related domains like P&C Insurance and Healthcare.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation makes it easy to deploy and manage software robots that imitate human actions interacting with digital systems. It automates the repetitive tasks of an organization, thereby reducing operating costs and improving the overall customer experience. In addition to automating the mundane, back-office tasks efficiently and accurately, customers who leverage RPA also experience better security, audit, analytics, and improved business processes.

Benefits of RPA Managed Services
Saves Time and Effort
Setting up ERP and BPMS systems can take some time, but once in place, a new process can be assigned in a minimal timeframe. With RPA, we streamline processes, provide insights and uncover efficiencies, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective.
Elevate your Employees’ Experience
Robots can work 24*7*365 without fail and complete mundane tasks that employees often find draining. By automating tasks, your teams are free to concentrate on performing critical work with better returns.
Ensure Compliance
Our bots improve compliance by ensuring a standardized process that meets your requirements, so documentation is always at your fingertips. Moreover, with reduced errors and increased productivity, BPOs can generate more revenue with the same workforce.
Improved Processes
With robots handling tasks, the processes will execute without fail as per the schedule and thus will improve the overall experience. Moreover, your workforce is free to deliver extra service to your highest-level customers.
Flexibility and Scalability
A robotic workforce can be very flexible and easily scaled on demand. By standardizing processes, it can be scheduled to run when it is needed on as many digital workforces as required. This gives businesses confidence in taking up new projects without on bench human workforce.
Organizations are often uncertain about replacing legacy systems due to cost, business downtime, and complexity. Being a non-disruptive technology, RPA doesn’t require any integration or complex coding. The robots mimic human actions and aids in faster deployment while increasing productivity & efficiency.
RPA Bot-Architecture
Use Cases
Loss Run Data Extraction

Process a large number of Loss Run files, from many Carriers, with files in various formats. The bots then automatically process these files, and data is extracted in the desired form rapidly while emitting any human-induced errors.

Pass Captcha and Perform Automated Data Extraction from Multiple Websites

The bots pass captcha and extract data from websites. First, they open a website and perform a search based on a pre-defined criterion. Then use those results as input to another website where they solve the captcha and obtain another set of results. The data was extracted to Spreadsheet and JSON and emailed to business team members.

Automated Data Extraction and Entry

Customer Support Representatives get quote requests on mails and are expected to enter data into the portal, get the estimated premium, and respond to the mail with the premium. RPA script can open the quote pdf in the mailbox, scrape quote data & enter the same to the carrier's portal to get the premium. Once this process is done, it automatically responds to the mail, with the quote number reference from the portal.

Pull Claims Data & Post it on SmartSheet

Automate the process of log-in on to green screen system, navigates through to run a report for the patients due for an appointment today. The report contains the insurance and claims data. The data in the report can be extracted and entered into a web-based shared Smartsheet to be available to the users having access to this sheet at a common location.

Data Entry having Multiple Data Sources

Users had to manually navigate through several web portals, Excel files, and PDFs to retrieve data; this data was then entered into a green screen AS/400 system. RPA script automates the data retrieval (disparate sources) process and uses an aniSeries terminal emulator to automate the data entry into the green screens.

Policy Verification

Customer Service Agents manually check each policy before issuance by comparing policy data entered in multiple forms and generating a validation summary sheet. RPA scripts, coupled with computer vision activity, can be used to automate this verification process and develop the summary sheet. It can also trigger alerts if any deviations are encountered.